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January 2018 Workshop

Once again we are staging our ‘Getting Going’ workshop at the end of January. This will be a good chance to blow the cobwebs out of the pipes and get set up for the busy February/March parading time.

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We will be aiming to provide all our learners, whether just starting or more advanced, with individual and group sessions. There will be opportunities to learn new tunes and revise old ones, group and individual sessions, instrument maintenance and of course playing together as a band.

October Workshop

During the first week of October (School holidays) we held another workshop, this time with our key tutor being Neil Marriott. The pipers and drummers went over basics, instruments and learnt some new things. On Thursday we played on Napier’s Marine Parade (near the new skate park) – the weather wasn’t so good but we enjoyed ourselves.
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July Workshop

July Keeping Warm Workshop
Over the three days 11-13 July we enjoyed a workshop involving many of our members.

20170713_workshop1 20170713_workshop2

We covered the fundamentals and learnt some new music and refined other tunes. Young Ben even got on to the pipes, playing them for the first time with the group. We also went over the music to be played in the Recital on Sunday 16 July.  After a busy week everyone is looking forward to having some time off next week!

Keeping Warm Workshop

When?  11-13 July 2017
WhatTime? 9am to 12noon each day
Where?  at the Band Rooms, Nelson Park

What will you get from the workshop?
Instruction on your instrument – pipes or drums – with tutoring from the Band’s senior members.  The contest group will have the opportunity to work on their music and practice together.  There will also be preparation for the Recital (Sunday 16 July).

The programme
This workshop is for everyone, whether just starting or more advanced, with individual and group sessions.  Each day will run from 9am to 12noon with warmup, learning new tunes and revising old ones, group and individual sessions, working on chanters and pads, and pipes and drums.

What tunes are we working on?
The basic repertoire includes those learnt at previous workshops.  We will be spending time on the 3/4 bracket PM JK Cairns, My Land and Colin’s Cattle.

New Tunes:  The group will again learn new tunes the music for which will be loaded on the Band’s website ahead of the workshop.