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Updates 4 5 and 6

What is to be said about Art Deco weekend? The band did a superb job and you should all feel pleased with what you achieved. Thanks to Kurt, Ken, Robert, Richard, Hugh, Penny1 and Cameron for playing at various events. Our participation in the vintage car parade continues to be a highlight for the very big crowds that watch it. I hope you have all received positive feedback from people who enjoyed our music. Thanks also to the team that turned out Sunday morning for the Vintage Car Club’s event at Meeanee. From St Paul’s “A very big THANK YOU to the band from our stall on Saturday. It certainly is a highlight when the band arrives with lovely music. The weather and heat was lovely for all but the band in their uniforms but the crowd certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves. I heard lovely comments about the band concert in the afternoon.”

On Saturday 27th we met at the Sound Shell in the vicinity of the colonnade to tune up for our free concert. The Band then played at 12noon featuring a programme of tunes reflective of our heritage plus some new compositions. Many family and friends were there along with our supporters and others. Well done everyone it was a good venue (although it was a bit hot). The Sound Shell has good acoustics so perhaps we can play there again.

Coming up we’ve got the Taradale RSA Concert – Monday 7 March – band to meet at 6.30 as usual to prepare

Some preliminary information about the Navy Charter Parade Saturday 19 March. The venue is Sound Shell, by Veronica Bell. We’ll meet at 1015 to tune. The official ceremony is at 1100 and is followed by the march down Emerson St to Clive Sq with officers and ships company

Sound Shell Concert: Its Mission Concert so we might get a few extra people watching us.

Update January 2016

Welcome back to the new year for the band.

Just confirming that due to EIT’s operational requirements we will be at the Band Rooms at Nelson Park for the next two weeks (Mon 1st and 8th Feb).

Two important dates for you to note on your calendar – Art Deco weekend (Sat and Sunday events this year) and our concert at the Sound Shell on Saturday 27 February – the opportunity to use the Sound Shell arose and so we will be playing at 12noon to entertain the public. We’re hoping for a big audience as that’s the day of the Mission Concert.

Don’t forget that you can get a list of upcoming parades and events on┬áthe calendar link on this website, meanwhile our first practice is on Monday 25 January at EIT.

Update 44

Over the past week we have paraded at New World Greenmeadows and CHB Christmas parade, both very good events. The Carols event in Waipawa was cancelled because of the weather but the contest team enjoyed a good practice and were joined by others for afternoon tea at Rod’s. We are grateful to Rod for opening his home up for us and putting on such a great spread.

Last night various group rehearsals and practices happened – the youngsters and others in preparation for next week’s final night and of course a final run through for the contest team. On Saturday night Gray and Penny will plat at the Napier Ingleside. On Monday please bring a plate for supper. No uniforms but you’re welcome to wear your D& S or other band related polo shirt.

Next year we’re planning to do a concert on the Sound Shell on Saturday 27 February at lunch time. It’s the weekend of the mission concert and a good opportunity to showcase the band.