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Open Day 2nd April

Come to the band hall at Nelson Park Napier to learn more about piping and drumming on Sunday 2 April between 2 and 4pm.
Have a go: beat a drum, blow a bagpipe and throw a mace into the air!
Learning to play the bagpipes or the drums is a fun thing to do. The music is great and playing in the pipe band takes you places. You get to meet interesting people, play at big events and at small ones.

Update number 3

Monday 1 February already.  We had an enjoyable evening with the youngsters practicing together at 6.30 and then the rest of the band from 7pm.  Being able to play out on the park on nice evenings is special.

  • Well done Robert and Angus who played at Turakina – Robert gained 2nd in the veterans event
  • We thanked all those who worked on tidying up the band rooms over the break – its looking good so we need to take care of this wonderful asset
  • We ran through some of the tunes for the Art Deco concert – the tunes will be the focus of practice for the next two weeks.  Harry has given everyone some flyers to hand out to family and friends and will have more available next week.


Update #40

Update #40 – 10 November

A reminder that for the next two weeks we will be at the band rooms, Nelson Park, for our Monday night practices.  Please also note the events on Saturday 28th – it will be a busy day so please make sure you know where and when we are meeting.  This weekend the band rooms will be busy with the youngsters/learners meeting again, this time at 11am, and then after lunch the contest group is meeting at 1pm.

Penny and I met with Jonathan Smith, Events Manager at the Art Deco Trust, recently to discuss what their expectations were of us and what we could offer.  They are keen for us to contribute to the usual events, Vintage Car parade, Black Tie Ball Hastings, the two Depression Dinners and a new event the Silver Slipper Ball (War Memorial).  The car parade is the only full band event in this list, the others are for a few pipers.  They expressed disappointment that we had cancelled the Celtic Connection Concert but understood why and have offered us the opportunity to stage a one hour concert.  After checking last night we decided that would do the concert, the time and location to be negotiated with the Trust.  So please mark the Art Deco weekend 2016 on your calendars.