Becoming a Member

Click here to download the current membership form.

Playing Members
We welcome people from beginners to experienced pipers and drummers.

Learning to play
We cater for the varying abilities and aspirations of our members across all ages and abilities.

Classes for piping and drumming are arranged on a regular basis. Tuition in a group is a productive way to learn these exciting instruments but we also offer tuition on an individual basis. The experienced tutors will follow the prescribed course to cover the initial aspects of piping and drumming.

Pupils start bagpipe tuition on the practice chanter while learner drummers begin with sticks and a practice pad. Only once they have mastered these would they progress to the full instrument and at that time we can discuss what is involved in getting bagpipes and drums. Click here to download the Tuition application form or if you have any questions or want more information please contact us.

Our Associate (non-playing) members enjoy various activities with the band and provide encouragement and feedback about our music. As an Associate member you will receive our newsletter that provides up to date news about what is happening in the band.